$5000 SR Education group Undergraduate Scholarship

Funding your education is easier said than done but through student grants, more and more people are given the chance to pursue their education, either through a university or an online degree.

SR Education group is service-oriented organization that creates numerous programs in order to support students in their journey towards college education. The organization believes that education is the best tool for success and a world with educated people is a world that will progress. With this mission in their minds, the SR Education group provides numerous student grants and various aids to help people get into college or perhaps get an online degree.

The organization recognizes the fact that not all people can easily raise funds to pay for college. The scholarship is a need-based grant that amounts to $5000 which must be used to contribute to answering the financial obligations that an undergraduate student must deal with. The scholarship is need-based but a significant part of the criteria will also fall on the application of the student itself.

The scholarship may be applied for by legal residents of the United States except for students in Guam, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands. The applicant must not be younger than 16 years of age and he/she must be enrolled or accepted to a university or college. Furthermore, applicants aged 18 or lower must present a letter of consent from his/her parents and a guardian if the former option is not available. The consent must say that the parents or legal guardians are allowing the student to join the contest for a chance to win the scholarship. The rest of the rules regarding the scholarship can be seen at https://www.sreducationgroup.org/scholarships-terms-and-conditions.

To apply for the scholarship you must head on to its official website at https://www.sreducationgroup.org/scholarships/undergraduate-scholarship and read up on the general rules. After that, simply navigate below the page to find the official application form. In the said form, you must completely fill out the information asked of you and provide necessary documents to prove your claims. Further down, you will see two large spaces, one for each of the two questions that you will be asked to answer. For the first question, in 300-500 words you must state your thoughts regarding how you wish to apply your degree in the future and how do you expect your first five years out of college to go. The second question will ask you to narrate your current financial status and why you deserve the scholarship.

44 thoughts on “$5000 SR Education group Undergraduate Scholarship

  1. I kindly request to be granted the scholarship. I was brought up in an orphanage and in 2016 I did my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

    I managed to secure a chance into the university but paying the fees has become difficult for me.

    I will be so grateful if I get the scholarship. Kind regards.

  2. Hi, I achieved secondary school, now I\’m seeking for scholarship to continue University. I hope one day you will consider my request.

  3. I am still in secondary school, knowing fully well how i managed and struggled to get to my final year in secondary school, and know that my parents are not financial able to send me to the university, pls help me make my dream come true

  4. hi, I accomplished secondary school like four years ago but I failed to get money to join university but I will be grateful if you consider my request for scholarship

  5. i am belong with poor family .my family can not afford my university education expenditure so please give me scholarship as i can continue my education and to get moral values for our parents and our family so please support me in education if you are support me in education i always prayer for your whole prosperity

  6. I am belong with poor family.my family can not afford my university education expenditure so please give me scholarship as I can continue my education and to get moral values for our parents and our family so please support me in education if you are support me in education I always prayer for your whole prosperity

  7. Hie am Hussein kosombe from Malawi Africa , i have an admission of bachellor of science in biotechnology honors degree to the international islamic university of malaysia but ight now am having to goto start the studies simply because of finance and i will be more much glad if that schoolarship is meant for me,thank you very much with kind regaards.

  8. 30__03__2018
    I m Murad ALI student of Geology department Sir financial we are poor I need really scholarship to continous my next education so kindly please provide me scholarship tnx u so much. .

  9. I need your help and am asking if is full scholarship because we can\’t get school fees and tuition for accommodation. Try to explain to me

    Thank you

  10. I need bursary. I have been offered admission for 2018 into Pennstate University but cannot afford to pay everything. Meanwhile am looking for funds to accept the offer and reserve a place while I look for full funding of whole course

  11. I have BSc degree by chemistry from ethiopian university. And then, It is my pleasure to come and learn post graduate program on Analytical chemistry or organic chemistry in your universtiy if you accept my application.

  12. I\’m doing nursing at the Monrovia Bible college but times are very hard for me now .please help with this scholarship I really need it. Hope to hear from you soon thank you .

  13. I am fully prepared to hold this opportunity with both hands,I really need the scholarship. Please please grant me this opportunity. Thank you for the e-mail.

  14. hi,I\’m peter from Tanzania
    I\’m really looking for the scholarship…I\’m in form five now just soon I\’ll be finishing my advanced level in 2019,then after
    I\’ll going for the university(for medical studies),I\’m now studying PCB….please help me

  15. I\’m priscillia Jacobs I\’m undergraduate students from Liberia I enroll in the universities last year due to financial status I\’m not in school. I\’m pleading with the agency to please grant me this opportunity. please contact me for any possible thing

  16. Hi I\’m Kgomotso from South Africa, Johannesburg I will be finishing high school in six months to come and would like to further my studies, so I would like some financial assistant

  17. Hi
    I want a scholarship, Master degree in public Health. biostatistics , Help out if any pls.

  18. Dear sir or madam
    I Molefi Leponesa, a 19 year old Mosotho man, hereby wish to apply for financial assistance from your company, I would like you to assist me pursue my aviation studies at International Aviation solutions in Gaborone Botswana as evidenced by my admission letter attached herein with this request.
    I am to enrol in a 24 month programme that resumes in August 2018 and humbly ask for a full sponsorship. The Lesotho government fails to assist me due to insufficient funds.
    I am writing to ask you to fulfil my goal of becoming a pilot. I have the potential to be a success as I have proved this in my previous LGCSE results last year November at Leribe English Medium School. However I need your help to reach my full potential. Student life is difficult with raising tuition fees and few jobs prospect; I am therefore asking you to help me gain my academic accolades without fear. I shall proudly represent you with logos and other kinds of promotion.
    I have always had love and a staunch enthusiast of aviation. I am a hard worker, an intrinsically driven and task oriented and love to challenge something new all the time.
    Thank you in advance.

  19. Dear sirs,
    I do not understand what to comment but I would like to get partial or full scholarship. I am an Ethiopian, living in, Arsi Negalle, one of the districts of Oromia Region. I have BA degree in Historical and Cultural Heritage. Here in our country it is difficult to get a job, particularly in my field it is almost impossible. Thus I decide to get further education with any field you offer. Please consider my request to and support me to fulfill my dream.
    With best regards
    Yalemwosen Berhanu

  20. am nelson from uganda and am realy passionate about electrical engineering but i have no continuity for the programe and i did senior six
    please help me

  21. Hi i have just finished Degree in Development studies i have been studying on government sponsorship in Uganda, i will be glad if am considered for further studies so as to enable me to change the community and the people around me. thank you

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