$10,000 Motley Fool College Student Award

Entering and paying for a college nowadays is not that easy to do as numerous challenges have emerged in the ways of college students, both financially and academically. To illustrate this more, educational demands by universities are rapidly increasing while tuition fees and other expenses also continue to rise.

Fortunately, different sectors have been providing their own solutions to make college education more accessible to people today. Online universities now offer internet courses that may lead to an online bachelor degree which brings education to the comforts of your home. Aside from having an online bachelor degree, you may also choose to apply for scholarships provided by universities or even companies.

The Motley Fool is a financial service company that guides, educates, and provides financial advice to their clients, usually investors and other people in need of financial services. Driven by their mantra of “Educate. Amuse. Enrich.” The Motley Fool provides numerous programs of helping people financially either directly through grants for school or through giving advice. In line with this, the company recognizes the fact that finances can heavily challenge people and hinder them from reaching their dreams such in the case of college where a lot of students are not able to study due to financial constraints, hence, The Motley Fool College Student Award.

The Motley Fool College Student Award is a scholarship program created by The Motley Fool in order to provide assistance to financially bright but financially challenged students. There will be 21 grants that would be given, one of which is the top price which would amount to $10,000. The remaining 20 grants would all amount to $1000 each. If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, either part-time or full, in the US, then you are eligible to apply for these grants for school.

In order to apply for the grant, you would need to showcase your financial and practical skills by creating a 500-1000 word essay for the company’s website. According to the scholarship’s official webpage at https://www.fool.com/about/college-student-award-10000/ the essay should discuss the following:

– What do people get wrong when they talk to millennials about money?

– What’s the next big thing/company/stock?

– What do you think is the biggest problem with the tech industry right now?

Through the essay, the applicant must be able to fully express his/her ideas and values. Aside from the essay, The Motley Fools also requires applicants to submit one supplement to showcase his/her personality by creating a short video, an article, or any visual material that informs the world on how to invest better.

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  1. I hope that you kindness will someday be repay greatly by those youngsters and oldees you continue to help by the day further their education due to their financial constrains.
    I also wish to be a beneficiary of your scholarship program; I\’m also struggling to start an on-line study at Atlantic International University but I\’m actually really faced with financial problems. I wish i\’ll be lucky to get your assistance.

  2. Bonjour Jonathan ,je m\’appelle INSA DIATTA je suis étudiant en troisième année en science infirmière et obstétricale à l\’Institut santé service de Dakar je vous pour un défaut financier que j\’ai le plaisir de vous demander une amitié afin que vous puissiez m\’aider avec une bourse d\’étude pour pourvoir poursuivre mes études comme souhaité .Dans l\’attente d\’une suite favorable veuillez agréer monsieur l\’expression de mes sentiments profonds. Merci

  3. please how can I apply.I wish to study agriculture engineering and I am in Ghana,can I be given a full scholarship?

  4. Hi I\’m a students at skills academy would you please help me with my studies, I\’m a mother of a to kid I\’m not work please help me with my studies I want to achieve more .I live in Pretoria (south Africa)

  5. Hey! I have completed (Associate degree in education) Two years program Now I joined 3rd year of BEd(hons) degree but I cant sure about my future.!
    I need ur help, I want to continue my studies. My parents encourage me throughout in my life & my teachers enable me for getting this position where I am today. I need ur help for my studies…

  6. Hello,i\’m meron i have bachelor in chemical engineering and i\’m in need of full scholarship in masters,can i get an admission?

  7. I finished my first degree in social work and i would like to continue with the master degree on another program of Art and social science can i get an Admission?

  8. I finished the degree of social work and i would like to continue with master degree on community development may i get an Admission ?

  9. my name ids debela melese i have 1^st degree in mechanical engineering now i want t learn my msc programm in free scholarship so can you help me

  10. Please pick me i need a schoolarship to study degree in electronic and telecommunications engineering uk I\’m from developing country Namibia

  11. I am Onele Theophilus I, would want to study in U. S. A or canada and will need your support to do that, I believe in your program and will be grateful to be a testimony to many from my locality

  12. Iam Chrismile Stanley a male student. I completed my grade 12 last year (2017) and now upgrading my marks at one of the FODE Center. Iam really interested in studying Public Administration at your university.

    For further information, email me.
    ThanKyou and God Bless.

  13. Thank you so much for the support you a giving to the needy people in the world. Am really appreciative for the work so far done. Am Ugandan professional teacher who wish to do masters in Educational management on online.Kindly in need of your support.

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