15,000 Baht President Robert B. Banks International Masters Scholarship

The road to college, for some people, is not the easiest of paths to take. There have been a lot of challenges being faced by students who dream of getting that bachelor’s degree such as the academic load given by universities and tight schedules. Aside from that, the finances that come with college are also not that easy to cope up with.

Fortunately, as the demand for more accessible and affordable education increases, numerous sectors did not disappoint. Universities are now offering internet courses to students which are a great way to make education more accessible and flexible for people. Also, through an online college, students may get spared from other expenses such as lodging.

Aside from the benefits of an online college, students may also avail student grants and scholarships offered by schools, foundations, and other organizations. A scholarship is a great way to fund your education as with it you would not need to worry about your expenses anymore.

With that said, one of the student grants you may want to consider looking at to fund your Master’s education is the President Robert B. Banks International Masters Scholarship. The scholarship will answer to all the educational expenses and will help you study and complete your postgraduate degree in Thailand. Offered by the Asian Institute of Technology, students are free to take up any course in any institution in Thailand.

The scholarship is open to foreign and domestic students who intend to pursue a master’s degree in Thailand, in any course and institution. The President Robert B. Banks International Masters Scholarship will cover 4 semesters of the recipient’s postgraduate education. Recipients will be able to receive a monthly allowance of Baht 15,000 to come with medical insurance, visa charges, book allowance, and even a research support of Baht 40,000.

In order to be eligible, the applicant must be proficient in English as proven by valid English proficiency tests such as the IELTS. The applicant must also be accepted to any institution also and planning to pursue a master’s degree there. Part of the criteria will be the student’s bachelor’s degree performance as well as his/her financial needs.

The President Robert B. Banks International Masters Scholarship is offered by the Asian Institute of Technology, hence to apply for the scholarship you must apply for admission into AIT. From there, you may inquire about the online application or visit their website at https://admission.ait.ac.th/aoas/Applicant/FirstPage.aspx.

36 thoughts on “15,000 Baht President Robert B. Banks International Masters Scholarship

  1. My name is Ezatullah I graduated from low and political science from Kabul university in 2016 now I want to apply to improve my education.

  2. please I need your help am suppose join university but I lack resource to continue with my education please

  3. My name hassan abdi mahomed from somalia I want to scholarship I graduate high school I need to scholarship please help me scholarship my country many problems and my family very poor plrase help me my phone 00252616429579

  4. My name is Owusu Ebenezer, I graduated from Koforidua technical university with second class upper, I need financial aid support to further my education as building and construction engineer. Thanx for your help, am a Ghanaian

  5. I\’m refugee living to south Africa ,I\’m looking for financial support to study HIV and management ,

  6. Am rwehumbiza from Tanzania am prefer your help in order to persue phd am honor to be sir god bless u

  7. How are you dear? Thank you for the opportunity that you give to us.I have bsc degree by mechanical engineering .l have also bent of art.But l can\’t develop it in Ethiopia.please please please help me .I can\’t survive the difficultiy of life in ethiopia.so please.. .help me.

  8. I thank you for opportunity that you gave us I live at Rwanda I finished to study secondary in beochemestry and phisics but I didn\’t continue to university because of lacking money I will be happy if my dreams become true may God be with you

  9. I\’m Kisembe Lucas, a Kenyan student.please grant me a chance to be able to continue with my studies. Thanks for your consideration .

  10. I am Maryam M.B yusuf by name please If possible I will be greaful if you can help me and give me a scholarship to study Msc Business Administration I was giving a lecturing job this month and they gave me validity of two years to present a n Msc in Business Administration not MBA since is for academic not professional. Thank you I hope some Angel will come across it and help me out

  11. i am ogueri paul from Nigeria,am grateful to have been notified of this great opportunity to further my education…i will be glad if my expectation will be granted…thanks

  12. my name abdikariim africa in somaliauted high school i need financial help could i get ? Please
    Thanks more

  13. I just came out of high school no fund to continue, please I need the scholarship thanks.

  14. My name Muhamed Abedallh Ibraheem , from sudan ,I need full a scholarship for bachelor of earth science,my country it is have a few university and it is have same collage for the earth science but it is not well for the curriculum.
    AM undergraduate in the red sea university at faculty of earth science department economics geology and mining ,Number card :2577312.
    SO , I want be qualified in this department of earth science,I enthusiastic for take all of knowledge other way accused my collage is cannot presented me cause am suffer for reference , lap-rotary and field.

  15. Helw. Am mary from Tanzania am looking fully scholarship inorder to study abroad bachelor of Acturial science am poor girl assist me and how to get application form!Thanks and god bless u.

  16. Dear sirs,
    I would like to get partial or full scholarship, please give me some more information.
    Thank you very much
    With regards

  17. My name Abdullahi seyla I live Somalia I graduated global primary and secondary school I finished secondary level just I want to get high education please help me and confirm my request Thnks all of us.

  18. I am William and currently in my second year in one of the accredited universities in Ghana…. Please I need a two year Scholarship to help me complete my studies in Ghana. Can you please award me a scholarship?

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