$2000 WGU Smart Choice Scholarship

Studying in a college is one thing and paying for it is another. A lot of students today are being hindered by their financial capabilities in reaching their college dreams. Fortunately, with distance learning courses and student grants, students are now given a new hope to pursue their college education.

WGU or the Western Governors University is a not for profit online university that offers online courses for people to get the college education they want in the comforts of their home. The university was founded and continuously being supported by 19 U.S. Governors and was the first of its kind; an online university created by several states. The online university was created as a response to the growing needs of the students in the country for a cost-effective higher education.

Driven by the mission of making college education more accessible to students, WGU established the Smart Choice Scholarship. The WGU Smart choice scholarship is a grant given to students amounting to $500 per six-month term with the maximum scholarship value of $2000 which means that the scholarship can be received for 4 terms. The scholarship can be used to fund the recipient’s educational expenses and may also be used on top of any other tuition discounts that the recipient may be receiving also. The term “Smart Choice” basically pertains to distance learning courses as the smartest and most practical way to get a degree.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the student must be officially admitted to the Western Governors University and planning to take up a course in the online university. Particularly, the student must be taking up a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in the WGU Teachers College, College of Business, College of Information Technology, or the College of Health Professions. Only new students will be allowed to participate in the scholarship application and students who are to start going to school more than 60 days after submitting the form will not be allowed to join. Aside from that, WGU employees and their spouses are also disqualified.

In order to apply for the scholarship you must first ensure that you have passed all the eligibility requirements as mentioned above Apart from that, you must have completed the application for admission already and the FAFSA form. Once finished, simply head on to the official website of the scholarship at https://www.wgu.edu/tuition_financial_aid/scholarships/smartchoice# and complete the scholarship application form. You will be required to submit official transcripts to show your previous academic performance. Note that the scholarship is a competitive one and the recipients will be picked based on their academic performance, financial need, and other more attributes.

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  1. I wanted to continue up with my studies though our family is with shortage of money.. I need a helper for my studies

  2. How can I awarded a full scholarship because my family can\’t afford the school fees please..Not online but study aboard

  3. I\’will appreciate so much if get this opportunity, because I\’wanna study online Bachlore of technology

  4. I have been able to toil to complete a diploma in basic education and had first class. I badly need your help to do my degree please.

  5. I want to study M.phil class but I don\’t have money. So it\’ll be good opportunity for me by getting this grant.

  6. I will really appreciate if this scholarship will be half paid so i can make my effort to study abroad am much interested in this scholarship

  7. hello, i am interested for this great opportunity and i am a student in university of Rwanda but payment of school fees is so hard for me, so i need for your support, and i study in university of Rwanda college of business and economics gikondo campus. please you may help me. thanks

  8. I want to get the grant in order to get Master and to have access to a new world and the benefit of the community around me

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