$3000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship

Funding your college degree programs can be quite the challenge if you are a student. However, through the help of online education and internet courses, you can actually lessen the expenses of studying in a college. Furthermore, if you want to get support to fund your college studies then you may want to consider applying for scholarships offered by different organizations.

ZipRecuiter is a job search engine that connects both the recruiters and the applicants in one website. ZipRecuiter has over 8 Million jobs available for any graduate from any field. Through this website, you can upload your resume and apply for a job with just one click – no need for long applications and all those processes. Aside from that, the website also allows you to know where your applicants are by allowing you to see how many times your application have been viewed, and more features.

With that said, ZipRecruiter believes that a good education will lead to a wonderful career and so they established the ZipRecruiter Scholarship. The scholarship amounts to $3000 and is awarded every quarter of the academic year. The award must be used by the recipient to pursue his/her degree programs. In line with that, the recipient will be chosen based on the most creative entry during the application period.

The essay that you will be sending must be in the region of 500-800 words and submitted in .doc, .docx, or in pdf format. The essay may include images, infographic, and diagrams should you need to make use of them. However so, if you will be adding visual images, only works by you will be allowed and your whole essay must fit on one page only. Use of third-party content will automatically disqualify the entry from contention. The essay must showcase a job you are currently holding or previously held and a description of your ideal post-graduate job. Furthermore, the essay must include the job title and the primary responsibilities that come with the position, what are the qualifications for the position, and what are the pros and cons of having the position. A description of a normal day in the position will also be necessary.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a legal resident of the United States and be at least 18 years of age. Aside from that, you must also be a student enrolled in an accredited high school or college in the country. Students taking up internet courses are also eligible to apply for the scholarship. For more details regarding the grant you may visit the official website at https://www.ziprecruiter.com/scholarship.

31 thoughts on “$3000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship

  1. Hi its me Isabirye Muhammed from Uganda am requesting for a scholarship please I really need your help thanks

  2. this is a good initiative to help those who want to study but luck financailly. great work hope to hear the best reply from you.thanks

  3. I thought the scholarship is for everyone who wants..i am a filipino citezen but i am willing to take the scholarship..am i not qualified??

  4. I finished primary level from, Lower Nsooba Primary School, i got aggregate 7 with a Div 1 in English and the rest D 2s i am very good at debating and Volleyball. Let me hope for a positive response from anyone who would like to help, 0702153678 is my number please call me . Thank you

  5. I do want the scholarship but I need you to help me with what should I do next here is my phone number if you need it +251 930802000. Please reply

  6. I\’m charity Adanma okezie, Nigerian ,plz how do apply for this scholarship and what are the eligibility for this scholarship

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