$5000 UNIGO Education Matters Scholarship

Studying in a college can be hard due to various reasons. For one, funding your college studies can be a great concern due to the increasing prices of tuition and school materials. Fortunately, through taking up an online college course, you can now be spared from some of the financial burdens of studying in a college such as lodging expenses. To make things better, there are also numerous scholarships out there that you can apply for in order to fund your college education.

UNIGO is an educational service provider that provides students with what they need in order to reach what they want to reach. Particularly, UNIGO gives students access to educational materials such as online lessons, online classes, and exercises. In line with this, the organization also believes that all the students deserve access to quality education which is why UNIGO also provides numerous student grants for everybody. Some of the scholarships can be won through creative essays but one of the more serious ones is the Education Matters Scholarship.

The UNIGO Education Matters Scholarship is a $5000 award given to a deserving student in order to help him/her through college. As the name suggests, the recipient of the scholarship will be determined through his/her response to the question of how college education matters to him/her. The applicant must answer this question through an essay not exceeding 250 words. More specifically, the student must concretely answer the question: “What would you say to someone who thinks education doesn’t matter, or that college is a waste of time and money?” The entry must be grammatically outstanding and written in English.

Winners will be selected based on the following criteria: 25% for creativity, 25% for originality, 25% for writing ability, and the last 25% present will be based on the overall appeal of the essay.

In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, you must be a student accepted to an accredited university taking up an online college course or online classes. The scholarship application is only opened to legal residents of the United States aged 13 and above. The scholarship is sponsored by UNIGO; hence, any applicant who has an affiliation with any of the members of the said organization is prohibited from joining the contest.

All entries must be submitted by November 30, 2018 and only one application entry will be allowed per person. All applications will be sent through UNIGO’s official website at https://www.unigo.com/scholarships/our-scholarships/education-matters-scholarship/. In the same website, you Amy access the rest of the rules and details regarding the scholarship. The application form will ask applicants to supply basic contact information together with personal details and academic performance details.

26 thoughts on “$5000 UNIGO Education Matters Scholarship

  1. my name is ruth Mthembu a south African.
    I did my grade 12 and looking for scholarship for business administration course.

  2. I was studying BA Communication Sciences through Unisa but I dropped out due to the lack of finance. I would really be grateful to get your assistance.
    Subjects: Advertising, Marketing, Communication Law, Media Studies & Creative Writing for the Communication Industry

  3. how can I apply for these scholarship I am studying at DUT I am still not funded I am waiting for nsfas who do not respond.

  4. My name is Princess Mensah, I am a Ghanaian. I will be completing high school next year and would like a scholarship to University in Science or Business since my parents can\’t afford. I need your assistance.

  5. Am readon Namutenda Malika just finished my diploma in public health and wanted support that is scholarship to pursue masters….thanks in advance

  6. HI, everyone any one see this
    I really want a scholarship I can’t afford to pay for my study’s please help me i want to study like electrical & computer engineering or computer science ….
    notify me ………

  7. I\’m named Meguim Ariane from Cameroon I\’m studying medical imagery in a professional training private school my parents can really afford till my end of formation lasting 4years please for a scholarship to finish my training
    Number: +237691511182

  8. my name is Brian Singizi from Zimbabwe.i finished my A level last year and obtained twelve points . my parents can\’t afford tuition fees for tertiary education .i want to study rural and urban planning.i really need help

  9. I am finishing my A levels and my parents can\’t afford to take any further. I really need your help

  10. I want to upgrade my knowledge so tell me how I submit the scholarship form . I have 12 and want to be engineer

  11. My name is finess kadzakumanja from Malawi I have diploma, am looking for fully funded scholarship for first degree study. Your concern might be appreciation in

  12. Its really good opportunity I want my second degree with social fields that\’s my dream if u also accept

  13. I am from Ethiopia. I graduated in Adama Science and Technology University (BSc.) in Chemistry and from Haramaya University in Inorganic Chemistry (MSc.). Now I want to learn my PhD in your university if possible. CHEMISTRY_\

  14. My situation is that I owe 5150 Dollars to be able to graduate in Doctorate in Environmental Sciences at Atlantic International University and receive the card at the ceremony on August 30, 2018 in Miami. I can demonstrate the certification of the completion of the study, the grades and the approval of the thesis of the degree.
    Sincerely, Ezequiel Lucas Perez Sanchez.

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