$1000 Scholarship Owl “You Deserve It” Scholarship

Finding a way to get that college degree nowadays can be very challenging. However, there are numerous ways now to pursue your tertiary education such as working for an online degree and attending an online college. Aside from that, you may also choose to search for various scholarships in order to help you fund your education.

ScholarshipOwl is a scholarship search engine that provides students with the opportunity to apply for the best possible scholarship that he/she can get. By simply signing up in the website and supplying the necessary information such as your grades, lifestyle, personality, and more, ScholarshipOwl can match you with the right scholarship. With ScholarshipOwl, you can skip the long application processes and all the hassles by getting direct access to the right scholarship for you.

With that said, it is safe to say that ScholarshipOwl believes in the power of education and they recognize the fact that a lot of students out there could not fund their college degrees. Scholarships may be the last hope for some students and ScholarshipOwl responds to that by making the road to a scholarship easier for them. In line with this, ScholarshipOwl itself is offering a scholarship sweepstakes program called the “You Deserve It” Scholarship. Through this scholarship program, a grant will be given to a random applicant who is lucky enough to be drawn for the scholarship.

The scholarship is a $1000 monetary assistance that will be given to the person who will be drawn by ScholarshipOwl. Aside from that, a one month free access to ScholarshipOwl’s services will also be given to the winner. In order to be eligible for the draw, you must be a resident of the United States aged 16 year old or older. The applicant must also be currently enrolled in an accredited college, online college, high school, or a university in the country. Students who are to be enrolled within the registration period of the scholarship are also allowed to participate. The grant must be used to fund the recipient’s education or online degree.

To join the Scholarship Sweepstakes, you must simply create an account in Scholarship owl and apply to enter the sweepstakes if your account was created before February 27, 2018. If your account was created after the same date, you are automatically given one entry to the sweepstakes. In both cases, you may apply once every seven days during the whole period of application. You may also apply to enter the sweepstakes by mailing a postcard to Apply Me, Inc., 427 N Tattnall St #91572 Wilmington, Delaware 19801-2230. Note that the card must contain your full name, age, residences, and email address. For more information, you may visit the official website of the grant at https://scholarshipowl.com/awards/you-deserve-it-scholarship.

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  1. I would love to study a master in public health in 2019 currently have a bachelor\’s degree in clinical medicine

  2. Hi. Please I want a fully funded scorlaship to any country to persue degrees in nursing or Education in September 2018.

  3. Kindly am willing to change the lives of many people who need my help but I can only do so after pursuing my dream career of which I can\’t without support to continue with university studies so I ask with a humble heart that you help me please

  4. Please I\’m seeking for a scholarship to study in or out of my country . I wish go in for a masters in special education or clinical heath .

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