$500 USAttorneys.com National Essay Contest

Studying in a college today is not as easy as it sounds due to the academic and financial demands of schools. Fortunately, by taking up online courses you can actually spare yourself from numerous expenses. To make things even better, aside from online courses, you Amy also apply for student grants and win cash prizes for your tuition.

USAttoneys.com is a website and organization that provides legal services to their clients, particularly by providing these people with the best lawyer that they could find. Finding a lawyer for your case can be rather nerve-wracking due to the number of things you would have to consider but with the help of USAttorneys.com, finding the right one for the job can be easily. With that said, as a way to give back to the community that has supported them through the years, USAttorneys launches an annual essay contest that would reward the winner with $500.

The USAttorneys.com National Essay Contest was established by the organization as a respond to the growing demands for more affordable education. USAttorneys.com recognizes the fact that funding your education today is not that simple and a lot of students with potential are being hindered by this fact. The entries for the student grants will all be reviewed by the scholarship committee and one awardee will be chosen every academic semester – fall and spring. All entries must be submitted by June 1, 2018.

Eligible applicants are those who are United States Citizens currently enrolled in a university in the country. Students who are planning and accepted to a college are also eligible to apply for the scholarship. To formally apply for the scholarship, you must submit an essay, 800-1000 words discussing a topic of your choice given the pool of topics that the USAttorneys.com will be providing. Essays must be formatted in either APA or MLA and the file must be submitted at schoalrship@damg.com in either PDF or Word format. The email containing the submission must contain your full name, university or college you are attending, and your personal contact information.

More information about the scholarship and its provider can be seen in the official website at https://divorce.usattorneys.com/scholarship-program/. You may write about the following topics for your essay:

Where do you go to get divorce papers?

How much is it to get divorced?

How do you get a divorce if you have no money?

How do you get a divorce online?

Can you get a divorce at the courthouse?

Can you get a divorce for free?

Are there free divorce lawyers?

How do you go about filing for divorce?

Is it legal to divorce online?

How do I go about getting a divorce without a lawyer?

How do I get an uncontested divorce?

What court deals with divorce?

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  1. Helli Mr. Minday, kindly use your good office to help me get this grant to enable carry out my project as s final yr student of the Lagos state university of Nigeria
    I shall be very grateful my requedtr is been granted. Thanks

  2. I hereby attached my account for the crediting of the grant. ACCESS BANK PLC. 0693006042. BABALOLA OGECHI PERPETUAL. THANKS

  3. I am interested in going back to college in my country,please help put me back in school, kindly help me with this money to start, thanks very much

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